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Bringing Montessori to the iPhone and iPad.


Intro to Math

Learn to read, write and understand numbers from zero to nine, through a series of interactive, guided and challenging activities on this iPhone and iPad app.




The basics of math. Taken to the next level.

Starting with the foundations, we'll build upon a concrete understanding of abstract mathematical concepts, walking your child through a series of progressive and spirited exercises. Everything in math starts here: at the beginning.


Control of Error. 

 One of the truly remarkable advantages of the iPhone and iPad is that judgement is completely removed. Children are free to discover their interests and learn at their own pace, developing a positive appreciation for having the courage to make mistakes.


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Helpful Hints

Helpful hints gently guide your child as they work their way through the activities. This method supports their independence and builds their self-esteem. 



Hear what people are saying about Intro to Math.


"Each of the activities feels like a little puzzle, complete with gentle voice narration, smooth animations, and clean graphic design." - iLounge

"This series of playful exercises goes from simple building blocks to recognising the numbers and tracing them out."  The Guardian

"ABC's and 123's your children will actually enjoy." - Wired

"The application can be navigated without reading so it is perfect for pre-readers" - Playful Learning

"The apps are faithful to the look and feel of Montessori classroom materials" - Apartment Therapy