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1836 W. Grand Arbor Circle
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
United States


Bringing Montessori to the iPhone and iPad.


A New Type of Classroom

An entire library of apps, fully-integrated, and at your child's fingertips.

We've dreamed about this moment since the day Steve Jobs introduced the iPad. An entire library of apps, fully-integrated, and at your fingertips. 


A suite of apps. 

Switching between apps has never been this simple. An entire classroom, literally at the click of a button. 

Discover Learning. 

Our apps walk children through the exercises, leaving the sense of discovery entirely up to them.

Metrics made easy. 

The absolute best method of evaluation is self-evaluation. But, we've also included a portal for parents to take a peek. Soon!



We've taken the methods and principles of Maria Montessori to the next level.  There's a new generation, but the way children learn hasn't changed.


Go international. 

Whether you're bilingual or want to expose your child to a second language, this is a wonderful place to start. 


In the right direction. 

As the apps are navigated, helpful tips will guide the children, offering positive feedback and support.



With many open-ended activities, children are free to explore, learning from their mistakes as they experiment.



Watch as your child's imagination comes alive, as they become inspired by these integrated activities.   


Stay on Task. 

Animated sequences throughout the apps encourage independence, while keeping your child right on target.   


Cultivate learning. 

If there's one goal to our suite of activities, it's to develop the self-confidence that's needed to cultivate learning.