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Sioux Falls, South Dakota
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Bringing Montessori to the iPhone and iPad.


Intro to Letters

Learn to trace, read, write, and record letter sounds, names, and phonograms, based on the proven methodology of Montessori.

"You learn best from the ones that you love."

Completely redesigned. Engineered to learn.

We've taken things one step further. We've built Intro to Letters from scratch, making the tracing paths smoother, and the interactions more lively and robust. Children are born with a natural sense of curiosity.  With Intro to Letters they discover and foster their desire to learn.


Education, personalized. 

 Meet the "recording studio". Customize your child's learning experience, by utilizing your own voice. After all, nothing gives a child more confidence than hearing the voice of someone they love. Finally, an app that's just for you. 




App as Guide

Our goal is simple: the app should provide all the guidance that is needed. No reading is required. The elements are represented visually, using color and shapes, which are recognized by pre-readers.

Hear what people are saying about Intro to Letters.


"Minimalist yet engaging, the sleekly designed app makes self-directed learning what it should be: Fun, simple, yet effective." - Maria Popova


"If you’re looking for an app to teach kids how to draw their ABCs, Intro to Letters is a solid option." - Macworld

"Can I just say how impressed I am by the overall design of these apps? They are gorgeous." - Swiss Miss 

"Intro to Letters is a gorgeous app that teaches children to read & write letters in a simple, beautiful setting." - NBC