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Bringing Montessori to the iPhone and iPad.


Intro to Geography

Learn the shapes, names, flags and geographical locations of the countries in North America, through puzzles, challenges and drawing exercises.




Challenge yourself. Learn Geography.

In an ever expanding, and increasingly diverse world, one made more intimate by the advent of travel, it becomes ever more important to understand our position in the world and see how we relate to others. 



Gentle Affirmation. 

 Through a series of exercises, Intro to Geography will help guide your child to an appreciation of the countries of North America, engaging in puzzles and activities, while building up your child's confidence in their learning progress.


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Hear what people are saying about Intro to Geography.


"It’s a pretty cool and intuitive way to learn geography." - Wired


"We’ve never forgotten the awesome minimalist design that is present through all of the Montessori objects." - NOT COT

"One of my favorite App makers, Montessorium, has just released another new app for kids, Intro to Geography. " - Green Spot Blue

"The Montessori method, famous the world over for an unconventional approach to learning, has made its way onto the iPad." - Smatoos