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Sioux Falls, South Dakota
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Bringing Montessori to the iPhone and iPad.


Intro to Geography - World Edition

Learn the shapes, names, flags and locations of the countries of the world, through puzzles, challenges and drawing exercises, on this educational iPhone and iPad app.


Explore your world. Learn Geography.

How better to become a global citizen then on this grand tour around the globe? Touch, place, and experience every country of the world, increasing your awareness of how we relate to everything. 



A Beautiful Partnership.

We're so excited to announce we've partnered with Rand McNally Education to bring you this world-class geography app. 150 years of map-making expertise with the 100-year-old educational method of Montessori. Simply amazing.



Why Geography?

"Cultivating a better geographical and cultural appreciation for the world, in the next generation as well as in our own, is a pretty good place to start discovering our independence." - Bobby George, co-founder of Montessorium, via Quartz Magazine

Junior Cartographers

Our newest project, the Junior Cartographers, allows us to stay in touch with geography-lovers everywhere. Join us and help inform our app design, as well as get an insider's view behind the app.