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Alpha Writer


Blog: Inside Montessorium

Alpha Writer

Bobby George


Alpha Writer, in many respects our most advanced educational app, was specifically designed to help children learn how to write and read, in that order. Following the famous Montessori moveable alphabet, Alpha Writer will introduce your children to the basic of language, with fun illustrations and activities!

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Artist Collections

One of the most exciting additions to Alpha Writer, and one of our most requested user features, is the implementation of "artist collections". Yes, that's right. More illustrations! We've teamed up with two amazing illustrators, Marloes de Vries and Mike Lowery, to offer a total of over 100 unique illustrations! Complimenting the acclaimed artist, Zeptonn, whose illustrations come standard, we can't wait to hear what you think.



We've updated the phonetics section with some really neat modifications. First, we've added blank letter icons so the user knows how many letters are in the word. These are tapeable, so you can hear the sound of the letter that should be placed in the slot. Second, and to avoid confusion, we've removed phonograms from this section. Now we'll only work with illustrations that do not employ phonograms. 


Third, and perhaps most exciting, the app can now help us spell the word. For example, if the child selects the wrong letter, after three attempts, the app will automatically scroll to the correct letter. You can still select the consonants and vowels, color coded for visual discrimination, in any order that you wish, to compose the word. If you get stuck, you can also tap on the illustration to hear the sound again. Also, we're very happy to let you know that you can now swipe through the various illustrations in the activity, seeing which ones you've completed (faded out, as pictured above), and which ones you have yet to tackle!



We've separated the phonograms out and into their own section! In this activity, when you first start up, you'll notice that the app animates the phonogram bar, showing you exactly where it's located, at the end of the alphabet bar. The shaded letter blocks now include the two-lettered phonograms, and the app will help guide you through the process, just like in the phonetics section. Having trouble with the increased difficulty? No worries! The app will help you out. You can also swipe through the illustrations, noting which ones you've completed!



Are you ready to apply what you've just learned?! The storyboard is the perfect section to utilize this knowledge. Complete with both illustrations and letters and phonograms, this is a virtual sandbox. Go ahead! Share your imagination. With a camera implemented, you can capture your creations and share them with friends and family. Did we mention? We'd love to see what you come up with! Send us a note.


Alpha Spy

We can't wait to tell you about Alpha Spy! Alpha Spy is an exciting new section that helps children practice listening to the sounds of words. Here's how it works. Three objects slide in, from right to left, and the voice over states, "This is brush", "This is milk", "This is gum", "Can you find the object that starts with, "guh"? Then, the user selects the object that corresponds to the sound, and the app will then drag that illustration to a drawer. Reach ten objects in a row and you've completed the exercise! Of course, you can always play again!