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Bringing Montessori to the iPhone and iPad.


Blog: Inside Montessorium

New Kids on the Block

Angie Leinen

As of June 2015, Montessorium Inc. has a new headquarters. We’d love to give you a little tour of our gorgeous space, located downtown Sioux Falls, South Dakota in the Crane Building. Come visit anytime, we’d be happy to see you. 


Perhaps the most interesting thing to note about the new space is that it’s not exclusively Montessorium’s. We’ve joined a collaborative working space with Sioux Falls natives, OTA and the Institute of Possibility. While several companies coming together to share a working space isn’t revolutionary, it is a bit of a novelty in South Dakota. And you know what? So far, so good!


Did we mention we have some awesome neighbors? They tempt us out of the office too often, but we've loved getting to know them. Next door is local Queen City Bakery; we recommend the ice-cream and coconut macaroons. Across the road is world-famous (we think) Sanaa's Gourmet Mediterranean

For more behind-the-scenes pics of our new space, check out @montessorium on Instagram, where we'll be posting a photo a day for a month. 

5 Beautifully Designed Children's Apps Chosen by our Designer

Connor Burtis

First off, I'd love to introduce myself. I'm Connor, the designer here at Team Montessorium. I'm tasked with designing, updating, and marketing the wonderful apps we at Montessorium create together. As the father of a 4 year-old daughter and design advocate (read: junky) I've put together a list of 5 beautifully designed apps, in no particular order, that I think deserve a bit of a spotlight for their hard work and beautiful execution. Enjoy!  


1. Hopscotch - by Hopscotch Technologies 

I'll try not to go on a tangent here, but I can't express how much joy it brings me to see kids learning to code, though it's not nearly as much joy as learning to code brings the kids themselves. Not only is this app well designed and intuitive, it works. Bravo Hopscotch! 

2. LumiKids Backyard - by Lumos Labs, Inc.

In depth childhood development research meets fantastic and engaging illustrations. This app encourages children to unwittingly learn abstract concepts through manipulating a playful environment. I spent more time giggling at the sound effects than I care to admit. 

3. Toca Nature - by Toca Boca

HOLY COW. Seriously. What a beautiful app. The low poly rendering paired with a beautiful pastel color palette creates an open environment with a peaceful ambiance that practically begs to be explored. I can't say enough about how well designed this app is.

4. Simple Machines - by Tinybop

Not only does my daughter love this app, I myself have spent a fair amount of time experimenting within it's levels. The way Tinybop has created 6 worlds that quickly teach children about 6 simple machines (levers, pulleys, inclined planes, wedges, wheel and axles, and screws) completely through the child's own experimentation, is something really special. The artwork by James Gilleard is outstanding and truly plays a part in creating a uniquely tactile environment for children to learn within. 

5. WonderBox - by Duck Duck Moose, Inc. 

While this app may not be as illustration heavy as the rest on this list, aside from the wonderful characters, I appreciate it from a user interface and user experience design standpoint. Duck Duck Moose has built what I see as a Science Museum equivalent within your device; encouraging the user to explore what interests them from a vast array of topics. From Design (I like that one!) to geography, to sports, users are free to pursue what they themselves are passionate about. 


Which children's apps do you appreciate for their aesthetics? 

Comment below to let us know! 

Happy Launchday, Intro to Letters!

Angie Leinen

5 years ago today, Intro to Letters by Montessorium was launched into this world. It was a small app at first, but quickly grew to become one of our most successful educational tools.

One of the highlights of the last 5 years was a spectacular international iPad campaign in which Intro to Letters was featured. We like to think this provided our young app with a diversified global perspective. 

Next, the Recording Studio feature was added, allowing users to record their own voices in their native language. After all, you learn best from the ones you love.

Finally, people had some pretty great things to say about it.

  • "Minimalist yet engaging, the sleekly designed app makes self-directed learning what it should be: Fun, simple, yet effective." - Maria Popova
  • "Intro to Letters is a gorgeous app that teaches children to read & write letters in a simple, beautiful setting." - NBC

Happy 5th Launchday, Intro to Letters. You did it.