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Blog: Inside Montessorium

Trying it out

Angie Leinen

One of the great joys of creating educational apps is actually watching children use them for the first time. All the agonizing over details, the late nights thinking about which sound effects to utilize, somehow fades away in that first moment of watching a child immerse themselves in the experience. 

We were able to witness this when we asked our friend E. if he'd like to test Intro to United States for us. His answer was enthusiastically, "Of course!". We'd like to share a few of the finer moments of his first session with the app, during which, without prompting, he completed it from start to finish. 


He began with a sense of expectation. You see, he's tried our apps out in the past, and might of had a sense of what was to come. He navigated his way through the first series of activities with ease. 

Before long, he was completely absorbed. "Look at this stamp! It's green!", he would exclaim, "I can't wait to see what color the next one is." At that moment, we knew we had accomplished one of our goals: Giving children the opportunity to follow their interests and discover their independence. 

The moment E. collected all of his stamps, he broke out in a spontaneous handclap. "I did it!" he said. Yes, we concurred, "You did it."

Junior Cartographer

Bobby George

Greetings from Montessorium! We're super excited to share our new program, Junior Cartographers. Through this project, we are looking forward to providing you with an opportunity to give feedback, some sneak peeks behind our new app, and some other goodies, including a little something coming via snail mail! We’re charting new territory, and would love for you to join us! We're looking for #juniorcartographers from each state!

Hybrid Zone X

Bobby George

Montessorium recently had the opportunity to participate in a thought-provoking collaborative experience with some of the nation's top educators and industry leaders. Located in Madison, WI, Hybrid Zone X is a breeding ground for ideas and innovation. This one-day event called “Game Changing Games” brought together individuals from all corners of the globe, and all niches of tech and research, to discuss the effect that well-designed and well-executed games can have on society.

What: A creative exchange to yield unconventional collaborations at the interface of academia and industry

Who: A carefully culled group of academic researchers, business leaders, designers and developers at the forefront of 'gaming'.

We’d love to share a few of the take-aways from the experience:

Hybrid Zone X was everything that it purported to be: an extremely well-designed, carefully curated, creative exchange, operating at the intersection of academics and industry. With disparately like-minded individuals, passionate about their respective fields, each of us joined together to try to advance 'solutions' to the problems in 'gaming'.

The structure and layout of the conference allowed for spontaneous, productive encounters, especially between the academic and commercial side of things. Thematically, keynote speakers shared their presentations, and these were immediately followed by moments of silence, used to collect thoughts and questions, by which to extend, engage and take the conversation in new directions.

What struck us most about Hybrid Zone X, was the shared, collaborative nature of the event. With a wide array of backgrounds, from product leads to journalists, academics to app developers, everyone was really inspired to help focus the collective experience on not just identifying a set of issues, but finding ways to address them.

Highly recommend!