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Blog: Inside Montessorium

Amazing Kids Apps

Bobby George

School may be out for the Summer, but learning never ends. As a result of Apple's inclusion of Intro to Math in the Amazing Kids App section of iTunes, which we're honored by, we've made all of our apps 50% for a limited time as part of the App Store's kids Apps Sale promotion! Follow your interests! #amazingkidsapp.

Behind the Scenes

Bobby George

behindthescenes (1).jpg

We wanted to share a few 'behind the scenes' snapshots of our new video, "You learn best from the ones that you love". We also wanted to take this opportunity to thank the wonderful cast and crew. If you haven't had a chance to watch the video, you can watch it here:

behindthescenes1 (1).jpg

This is Joe Hubers, Lead Creative of Passenger Productions, getting iPad advice from the charismatic star of the spot, four year old, Evan Medema. Joe is part of a collective that hand crafts documentary and narrative films. As they like to say: They're not an ad firm and they're more than a production company. They're award-winning storytellers. Sitting next to Joe, that's Brett Bittner. He's usually working his magic behind the scenes.

behindthescenes2 (1).jpg

To know the true measure of a master, you only need to see how he teaches. We were blown away by how Joe embraced the curious mind of a four year old, as he worked to carefully navigate and direct the opening shot.  Evan, of course, having already performed his duties, kept instructing his mother, offering advice and encouragement. It was just adorable. 

Parent Portal

Bobby George


Parent Portal - We wanted to take this opportunity to highlight some of the many features of the "Parent Portal". Yes, we finally have a place, created specifically with adults in mind. 

While subtle, you'll immediately notice that we've chosen to rotate the view. Instead of landscape mode, the device automatically adjusts to portrait. The reason behind this is two fold: not only did we think this would make a better reading experience for adults, we also wanted to gently hint to children that there's something different about this section.

While so many children's app companies lock a parent's section, nothing could be more removed from the Montessorium approach. One of Maria Montessori's initial and greatest observations was in watching children playing with toys. After a few minutes, without fail, they always went towards the "china cabinet".

Instead of making the "china cabinet" completely off limits, Montessori decided to open them up, to empower children to explore and discover them on their own. Now, while the content here is specifically created for parents, children are free to access the sections, even able to change or customize the language settings.


Journal - In our efforts to continue to build the Montessorium community, we've created a journal. The journal will present original writings at the intersection of design, education and technology, with articles written by some of our favorite people.  Learn more.


Collection - Finding quality content for your children can be extremely difficult. If you enjoy engaging with our learning activities, we thought you might be interested in our other activities. Swipe through our collection, clicking the icon to learn more. You can download the desired app as you see fit. If you already own the app, the download icon will be grey.


Recording Studio - We've always been committed to taking things one step further. With the Recording Studio, we think we're changing the game entirely. We're one step closer to a completely personalized learning experience. You can record your own voice and when the "Use My Recordings" functionality is turned on, your voice will be utilized throughout the activities.


Observations - One of the key insights with this type of learning experience is that quantitative data can only tell you so much. What's most important, and ultimately most effective, is finding a way to document qualitative observations. With that in mind, we've built a place to record your thoughts, insights and observations. You can save them within the app or email them to yourself as a reminder.